Monday, April 4, 2011


Poppy's been boarding for the past week or so, coming out on nearly every hike, plus weekend walks and several hours everyday playing with Turnpike on various pieces of furniture around the house. She sleeps in my bed, all snuggled up under the covers. And she constantly wants to be engaged playing with one of the many toys strewn around the house.

Out on this hike she's joined by Figaro, Maia, Turnpike, Charlie, and Desmond. Usually Lulu also comes out with us on this hike, but she's been on spring break and comes back soon.

I got a great shot of Figaro's ears flapping as he runs, and Desmond playing with Maia. Charlie's recovering from some digestive unhappiness, but it doesn't seem to affect his desire to run and play with his pack-mates.