Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farewell Everest!

Today is Everest's last hike with Little Paws' Big Adventures. Everest has fear-aggression that is especially pronounced in his reaction to people. Until now I have kept him dragging a lead, and I have been ever vigilant to keep him close to me whenever we see other dogs or people on the trail. Even though we know that this decision will be the best option for Everest and his family, we will all miss Everest in his good moments, loving up on his dog walker, and playing non-stop with Turnpike and Lulu.

In other pictures, Romeo is just starting to hike with his group dragging a lead. He played and chased the dogs in his group on the beach at Albany bulb yesterday. Relay loves the beach and chasing dogs to the best of his ability while still on leash. Alba and Blue went for a swim in the bay. And Murphy played chase with other dogs we met along the way, rolled on his back in the high green grass, and kept everyone in line and near his dog walker, Karin Cornwall. Lulu loves to play with her group, especially loving to chase Charlie all over the hills and dales of Sibley Park. Turnpike and Everest are intrepid explorers and are ever curious about all of the cows.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Romeo and Poppy

Little Paws' Big Adventures welcomed Romeo into our packs for February and March. Romeo is an Italian Greyhound x Poodle, we think. Romeo is very loving and affectionate towards humans and is still working on learning how to play and socialize with dogs. His recall is spotty, so he's pictured here on leash next to his pal Relay, a purebred IG.

We have also been joined by Poppy, a boston terrier. Poppy boards with Karin Cornwall, the owner and sole operator of Little Paws' Big Adventures. When Poppy is boarding she goes out with one of the hiking groups too. In April Murphy and Poppy will be boarding at the same time. It's going to be a hoot in our household!