Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pace Boards!

Pace stayed at my house this past weekend. He had a long hike Saturday and Sunday. These hiking pics are from his Sunday hike. Pike and all of us love having our walking clients over for sleep-overs. Pace and pike cuddled up often on the couch in the living room with me and my housemates.


Saturday's we don't usually do a hike, but I was going out anyways with Pace since he boarded this weekend. Maisie and Mochi's sister asked for the favor. So, the five of us went to Redwood Park and had an extra long hike on a beautiful winter day.

We hiked Phillip's loop because Maisie and Mochi go nuts anytime someone passes by us on a bicycle. Mochi amazed me by getting involved in a game of fetch. Maisie and Turnpike kept each other occupied with games of chase and digging holes in the ground. Pace joined in chase and played fetch.


Friday Midday we hiked at the Albany Bulb. maisie and Turnpike are never apart. Mochi was on leash because of her propensity to take off. Lulu trailed her lead for the whole walk. I was very proud of her. Violet sported a green corderoy coat, that I'm totally envious of. Alba had great voice recall. Relay stuck close by my side although there were definitely times when he wanted to join in the endless game of chase that Maisie and Turnpike had going on.


Maisie and Mochi walked on their own in the morning at Redwood Park. In the afternoon, I forgot my camera in the car and so there are no pics of Parker, Rosco, Blue or Everest who hiked at Sibley on the Roundtop trail.


Last wednesday, Lulu, Everest, Mochi, Maisie, Parker and Turnpike went hiking together with me at Sibley in the morning. Then I dropped off Lulu, Parker and Everest after their amazing hike. Maisie and Mochi stayed with me and came along on our afternoon hike with Murphy, Relay, Alba, and Blue. We hiked in the afternoon at Albany Bulb.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This afternoon

Today 7 dogs, Turnpike, Maisie, Mochi, Everest, Relay, Blue, Violet and I hiked together in Claremont Canyon. Maisie was well received by everyone. She played with Everest, turnpike and Violet in the back of the truck on the way to the park.

On the trail, Maisie, Turnpike and Everest played an endless game of chase running at top pace and wrestling when they finally caught each other. Mochi and Blue I linked together. They were a great pair. Blue kept Mochi close to me and Mochi kept Blue at the same pace as the rest of the group.

Today's walk was blessedly FULL! Yay! Tuesday's have room for a whole morning group of 5-6 small dogs. If you'd like to come out with us, visit our website to learn how: www.LPBA.net

Monday Morning and Afternoon

Monday morning Lulu hiked at Bridgeview trail with pack leader, Karin Cornwall and her trusty sidekick Turnpike. Lulu was off leash for about a third of the walk, but then stopped responding to Karin, so we leashed her up for the rest of her walk.

Monday afternoon we went out with Relay, Rosco, Murphy and Turnpike. Rosco, Turnpike and Murphy took turns leading games of chase up and down the hillsides, into and out of bushes and mud puddles. And Rosco drank from Karin's hand, which is quite rare.

Monday has seven spaces available for new clients. We're looking for sweet tempered small dogs who live in and around Piedmont, Testle Glen, Montclair and Temescal.

Friday Midday

Oops, got my fingers caught in a few pictures!

Friday midday walk we went to the Albany bulb. Violet got held and loved up by a couple of the other dog walkers there. Lulu had her first whole hike off leash. She did great at staying with the group and listening to my voice commands. She's still not motivated by her duck jerky or petting, but she seems up for listening when I ask her to come.

There's one more spot available for someone to join our Friday Midday hikes. For more information about us, visit our website at: www.LPBA.net

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday Afternoon

Thursday afternoon Parker, Blue, Rosco, Relay, Turnpike, Everest and I hiked on the fire trail in Claremont Canyon.

From Left to Right, top to bottom are Rosco, coming over for a treat and a back scratch. A rare picture of Relay getting into the play. Relay would love to play and run around more, but unfortunately his recall is spotty at best, so he stays on lead. Yesterday he had a great time playing with Turnpike, Rosco and Everest.

Parker and Blue got involved in a game of fetch with a pine cone. And Everest and Turnpike rough-housed all day long.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wed Afternoon

Wednesday Afternoon Murphy, Parker, Blue, Alba, Relay and I hiked and chased around at the Albany Bulb. Every time I stopped to take a picture, Alba would sit in hopes of a cookie. Murphy, Parker, and Alba had a great ongoing game of fetch, with a real tennis ball, as opposed to a pine cone.

Along the way, we saw Jason, another dog walker, with his pack of mixed size dogs. In the bottom right picture you can see Clifford going to check out Alba, who LOVED hanging out with the big dogs. She' seemed to get a positive charge off of seeing twelve dogs all around her. Rhubarb, one of Jason's vizsla's, is bounding around Parker.

Parker played and chased with Rocco, one of Jason's boxer mixes. It was a real treat to see Parker having fun and playing with a dog. Parker is generally very shy and mild mannered, only interested in his ball and an endless game of fetch.

Wed Morning

Yesterday Morning Lulu, Everest, Turnpike and I hiked up at Sibley. I think I've decided that this is my favorite trail to hike. It's very quiet and downhill to our stopping place. On the way there are lots of fallen trees that Turnpike and Everest bound around. Turnpike plays hide and seek with Lulu and Everest.

Lulu had her whole walk trailing her lead. She did great! She's charge on ahead of the pack, but as soon as she couldn't see me she'd come prancing back to make sure I was still find-able. Lulu responds really well to petting and high-pitched "happy voice". She likes chicken jerky but only if she can have a minute's peace to eat it like a lady.

Everest is becoming quite the therapy dog. All the dogs he hikes with want to play with him. He's good natured and loves a romp. We're still working on greeting new dogs with happiness instead of fear though.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome Back Everest!

Yay! It's the new year!

Blue was very playful today running around in circles, barking and play-bowing with Everest. Relay also took a shine to Everest and was engaging him with play bows and general prancing about.

Violet was very attentive to me and my baggie of treats. At one point though, she did go investigate a noise, but came bounding back to me the instant I called her.

Murphy, Rosco and Turnpike chased and chased and chased yesterday, up mountainsides, though bushes and mud puddles. It was all very jolly. And Lulu spent over half her walk trailing a 6' lead. She was totally unmotivated by treats or petting, but seemed comfortable staying with the group and listened well when I said "this way".
Due to increased demand, Little Paws' Big Adventures has re-opened morning trail hikes Monday - Thursday. Friday hikes are still just at midday. We'd love to have more friendly small dogs join us for our trail hikes. For more information, visit our website www.LPBA.net