Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Murphy, Pace, Turnpike, Santo, Alba, Maisie and Mochi hiked at the Albany bulb a couple of weeks ago. These pics are towards the end of our hike. Alba and Santo are on leash because they're new and I like to give new dog walking clients a month or so to get used to walking with me before they go off-leash. Masie and Mochi are on leash because they already had their big adventure, and now I want them to stick close by for the rest of our hike.

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September - Welcome Santo, Alba and Everest!

September has been an amazing month. Little Paws' Big Adventures welcomed 3 new small dogs into our morning trail play groups. Alba is a beautiful and loving Papillon! Santo is a playful and energetic chihuahua mix, and Everest is a treat-loving, frisky, Tibetan Spaniel! Everest is going to have a great weekend boarding with Turnpike and her human, Karin Cornwall, for the next 3 days. We've been going to the Albany Bulb a lot on these hot summer days to cool off and check out the rad artwork. Everest is especially interested in art and looks at it critically, while the other dogs bark or pee on it.

Little Paws' Big Adventures trail play groups are filling up fast! We have space for just 3 more clients in out morning groups. If you've been thinking about joining up, visit our website at to find out how. We look forward to meeting you!