Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome Violet!

Welcome Violet!

Violet is a hairless mix who's joining Little Paws' Big Adventures Tuesday Afternoons and our brand new Friday Mid-day Hikes. Violet is also boarding with Karin Cornwall, the owner and sole operator of Little paws' Big Adventures for a whole week while her parents are out of town. Violet is a love! She loves to cuddle and sit on laps and she loves to run around in the yard and chase Turnpike.

Little Paws Big Adventures has just started morning trail play groups Mon-Thurs and a Friday mid-day trail playgroup. To sign your small dog up, visit our website at:

Friday, August 14, 2009

August - Welcome Picasso!

Finally! A picture of Rosco. Albeit, he's checking out his friend Scout, but who could resist her? She's such a cutie! Days lately have been h-o-t, hot!

Picasso, on his bed at the side of my bed, is a new boarding client. Picasso is a corgi. He got to stay with me for the last week. We went on morning hikes with Melika, another pet sitting client and Pike, every day for the past week. We went to Sausal creek and Bridgeview trail. Melika loves to play in Sausal Creek.

Parker is up to his usual tricks, playing fetch with pine cones and sticks, so long as they haven't been defiled by one of his friends' mouths.

Little Paws' Big Adventures has space for 3 more dogs to fill up our morning trail play groups Mon-Thurs and Friday, midday trail play group. We serve Piedmont and 94610. Check out our website at


July saw some hot days up in Claremont Canyon. We're glad that Strawberry Creek runs year round. The "kids" like to play in the creek and cook off. Parker's been known to lay down in the creek and refuse to get up for 5 or 10 minutes. The three musketeers chase eachother around the creek bed and up the sides of the ravines in claremont canyon.

June - Welcome Abby!

June brought a new client to Little Paws' Big Adventures, Abby, the fabulously lovey-dovey cocker-doodle, for morning walks. Abby hiked with Turnpike in the mornings for two weeks. Abby had terrible carsickness. We're all hoping she out grows her carsickness because she's a love and Turnpike fell completely in love with her.


Alright loyal customers and followers of my blog. I am *finally* getting caught up with this. Here are some picks from the trail. As usual Little Paws' Big Adventures three musketeers-Maisie, Scout and Turnpike run and chase each other all over the place in Claremont Canyon. The three of them are inseparable, often playing with the same stick. Mochi and Murphy also got some camera time in May running and sniffing with their friends. Relay perches on my lap during water breaks to absorb some of my body heat. I figure Relay needs as much clothing as I have on. Gotta love his raincoat with a built in snood!