Thursday, December 13, 2007

This afternoon

Blue, Parker and I hiked our usual East ridge trail at Redwood Park today. We hiked out to the second bench where blue munched on grass and had a short siesta, and Parker happily played fetch. It's good to know that somethings will never change : ).


This is possibly Gracie's last walk with us. I'm really bummed that she might not be continuing with her walks, but it seems like her mom will probably be moving soon. In any case, she had a spirited trail hike for the first time in a long time, accompanied by her friends, Blue the sheltie, and Parker the cattle dog mix.


Here's a shot of Bandit listening to the birds and squirrels in a dying monterey pine tree on the Dunn Trail at Redwood Park. He's on long lead so that if any horses come around the bend, I'll have secure control of him.


Gracie had Pace for company on her neighborhood walk today. I love this jacket that Gracie is wearing, it reminds me of count dracula :). He stayed with me for our afternoon hike with Blue and Parker in Redwood Park.


Bandit and I walked at Redwood park. This is our usual walk around the serpentine prairie and up Dunn Trail. Here's a great example of Bandit responding to the command, "Come!".


Gracie and I walked around the neighborhood. I'm very happy to see her wagging her tail, doing play bows and generally seeming to be almost fully recovered.
Blue, Parker and I went to our usual trail at Redwood Park. It was very beautiful with low laying fog on the hills.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Bandit and I went to Point Isabel today. San francisco looked like it was being blessed by rays of sunlight. Bandit's quite a great little guy and had lots of fun chasing his friends around.


Bandit and I went to Redwood Park last friday. It was another spectacular day thanks in large part to the roast beef sandwich meat I was using as a treat for bandit whenever he would check in. This was bandit noticing some cyclists, who he would usually tear off to bark at and chase, but last friday he only had eyes for me : ).


Gracie was very exciting about her walk again today and even treed a squirrel!

Blue, Parker and I played in the creek and of course, Parker spent most of his time playing fetch with the world's tiniest stick.