Monday, February 28, 2011

2/26, 2/27 weekend

On Saturday, Grendel, Poppy and Turnpike came with me and some friends up to the wine country for hikes and scenic enjoyment. Over the weekend, Poppy curled up by the heater.

Little Paws' Big Adventures also offers kitty visits. Pictured here are a few of Figaro's siblings, Audrey, Billy, and Ella.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday 2/25 afternoon hike

Friday 2/25 Morning Hike

Friday morning we hiked at Briones as always. Relay, in his orange coat, was joined by Lulu, in pink, Turnpike, Poppy and Charlie, in his yellow coat. We also met a shih tzu on trail, who is pictured here as well.

Everyone stayed away from the cows, which was really a blessing, and played together on the hillsides.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Poppy Boarding and Thursday Hike

Poppy is boarding for the next few days. Poppy is just a really great girl! She and Turnpike play like this for about two hours and then crash out on the bed, Poppy snoring, until it's time to get up for a walk or a hike, or to do it all again.

On our hike yesterday Poppy played with Grendel and Turnpike. Relay wanted to get in on the action, but he's not allowed off leash due to poor recall (poor guy). Parker greeted all the men we encountered on the trail with a running and then flop down for a belly scratch hello.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eulalie's Antics and Welcome Back Violet

This afternoon at the end of our hike at Redwood Park, Eulalie jumped up into this baby's stroller! Apparently she was done with her hike and ready to be rolled back to the truck :)!

We're really happy to have Violet back into our Wed/Fri afternoon hiking groups. Violet's been out for a few weeks and it's really a joy to have her back.

Watch out for pictures of Poppy coming soon. She's boarding for a few days. Boston's in the House!

Welcome Maia!

A few weeks ago Little Paws Big Adventures welcomed our newest packmate Maia. Maia is an old friend of Figaro's. Now they get to hike together twice a week at Cesar Chavez Park on the Berkeley Marina. Maia is a super sweet doxie girl who has a few pounds she's working on shedding. She'll get back into shape quickly while learning how to stay with her pack and heed her pack leader's voice commands. We're really happy to have Maia along on our hikes!