Wednesday, October 31, 2007

sometime last week on a rainy tuesday or thursday

Out and about in redwood park with blue and parker. The mists hang heavy on the pinus radiata and the Eucalyptus Citriadora, thank god for that bachelor's in Landscape Architecture, sure comes in handy naming the trees on the trail :). But honestly, I love the rain. Makes me feel like I'm my own personal tin roof, only I guess I'm more of a rubber roof. Parker as usual spent the entire hour and a half playing fetch with a pinecone. He won't touch a ball, but pinecones are dandy. And blue takes her time sniffing each individual clump of grass along the way for the freshest salad to knosh on. She's way into loving when we take breaks.

sometime last week

Aargh. My apologies for the lapsed time between posts. Let's see. We've got rainy day pics here of Bandit when we got to join our friends Mimi and Sprout on the trail at Point Isabel. Sprout is Way not into the wet. Rain doesn't affect bandit at all though. at Point isabel, bandit gets to be off leash sometimes, and lately he's been really good, coming when called, sticking around even when he's not called. He's such a dreamy little guy when he thinks I'm the center of his universe.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fridy, October 12

Bandit's on long lead as we work on his recall. For the time being this seems like the best walk for both of us. He gets to explore and play in the creek, and I get to enjoy the walk too. His behavior makes me wonder if ADD is something we're all born with that some of us get trained out of as children and the rest of us have to figure out how to focus later.

The poison oak is turning fall colours and is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could cut it and use it as a centerpiece in my flower bouquets. Maybe that's it's own kind of Darwinian evolutionary tact.

Thursday, October 11

Parker, Blue, Gracie and I went to our "usual" trail, Jeffries Loop in Redwood Park. The eucalyptus trees rub against themselves in the wind and squeak so that I feel like I'm in a horror movie, but I'm getting used to it. It's a good workout and the "kids" love exploring, plus the view halfway thru is stunning! I'll have to remember to take a pic for next blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday, October 4

We had a lovely nearly full group this afternoon with visiting corgi sisters, Becca and Daisy. With them on the trail today are our usual afternoon walkers, Blue the sheltie, Parker the very shy cattle dog mutt, and of course the ever lively Gracie the dachsund / chihuahua mix. Everybody loves Gracie and she is by far the spunkiest of all our current afternoon "kids". Matched in her spunkieness currently only by Bandit, a morning walker who definitely takes the cake in the highest energy category. One of the highlights of this afternoon group is that none of these dogs chases bikers or joggers. A huge plus in keeping everybody on the trail in good spirits.