Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today Little Paws' Big Adventures went out to the Albany Bulb. The weather was absolutely perfect, the tide was high. It was a totally gorgeous day. Poppy, Alba, Blue, Turnpike and I had a girls day at the oceanside. I was really impressed by how much Poppy loved playing in the surf and getting wet playing fetch with various pieces of driftwood. Alba and Blue also had a really great time joining in in the endless games of fetch. The three of them love playing in the surf. When Poppy would leave the surf, she'd immediately start wrestling and chasing Pike around the sandy beach.

We have lots of room on thursday afternoons for more friendly small dogs to join us on our trail playgroups and hikes!

9/8/10 Welcome Coby!

Yesterday Coby joined us on his first hike sans parents. We often randomly meet up with him and one of his parents while hiking at Redwood Park and today was a treat as always with lots of play time, including lots of playtime at home with Turnpike.

Also with us on our morning group hike were Lulu, in the grey and pink sweater, and Charlie. All of the "kids" played around a lot, chasing each other at games of mad dash up and down the trail, with Charlie and Turnpike also running around and exploring up off the trail in the woods.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning groups still have a few openings. If you'd like your little dog to join us, we'd love to meet you! Please visit our website for contact information and rates: