Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We hiked at the Albany Bulb. The main beach was absolutely full of people and tons of bigs dogs running around, so I decided to take us down to the less well known "beach". It's quite rocky, but we've all got nimble feet. The day was really hot, so the dogs loved the cool water and played with each other and splashed around quite a bit before we headed back to the truck.



Foster crated himself in Pike's crate while he and his sister Parker were boarding at my house. His own crate was available, but something about Pike's crate called to him, I guess, because he really liked it in there.

For our hike, we went to the Albany bulb. After our hike, Boots had a nice neighborhood walk up and down his block. Boots is the brother of Maisie and Mochi. Because he's a big guy and because he's too old for a real hike, he goes out for neighborhood walks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today we had a small group and a quiet uneventful hike at Sibley Volcanic Park. We hiked briskly to the bench, had a nice rest stop, and then hiked briskly back. Amazingly Maisie and Mochi stuck with us the whole time. Foster was off leash most of the hike. He stuck to my shadow like glue and trotted along merrily.

10/6 Foster's first hike

Foster had his first hike/ trail play group at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley. He got on quite well with the other dogs in his group and kept up well.

Welcome Parker and Foster!

Parker and Foster started boarding tuesday night. The beach photos are a continuation of 10/5.


Welcome Alice, Taco & Shambo!

Figaro was there too, but he has run ahead on the beach to find a ball, or chase down a ball or roll in a beached jellyfish or something equally doggish.

More 10/1


Welcome Desmond!


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today Little Paws' Big Adventures went out to the Albany Bulb. The weather was absolutely perfect, the tide was high. It was a totally gorgeous day. Poppy, Alba, Blue, Turnpike and I had a girls day at the oceanside. I was really impressed by how much Poppy loved playing in the surf and getting wet playing fetch with various pieces of driftwood. Alba and Blue also had a really great time joining in in the endless games of fetch. The three of them love playing in the surf. When Poppy would leave the surf, she'd immediately start wrestling and chasing Pike around the sandy beach.

We have lots of room on thursday afternoons for more friendly small dogs to join us on our trail playgroups and hikes!

9/8/10 Welcome Coby!

Yesterday Coby joined us on his first hike sans parents. We often randomly meet up with him and one of his parents while hiking at Redwood Park and today was a treat as always with lots of play time, including lots of playtime at home with Turnpike.

Also with us on our morning group hike were Lulu, in the grey and pink sweater, and Charlie. All of the "kids" played around a lot, chasing each other at games of mad dash up and down the trail, with Charlie and Turnpike also running around and exploring up off the trail in the woods.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning groups still have a few openings. If you'd like your little dog to join us, we'd love to meet you! Please visit our website for contact information and rates: www.LPBA.net

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday we had 7 small dogs in our midday trail play group. We went to Strawberry Canyon and all the dogs had a great time running around playing chase and fetch and exploring the woods.

Lulu played mostly with Charlie. Poppy engaged everyone at some point, including Parker, who is normally only interested in his pine cone. Charlie got lots of running time in with Poppy, Figaro, Murphy, Turnpike and Lulu. Parker was very friendly and loving today, I think it may have been the pocketful of chicken jerky though :).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday at Redwood Bowl

Hi All! Karin Cornwall finally got some decent footage of everyone on our hike on Wednesday. Lately we've been hiking in Redwood/Robert's park around the Redwood Bowl because there's a bathroom! and a water fountain! and a dog bowl! and no foxtails! and minimal poison oak.

Little Paws' Big Adventures is filling up our groups with wonderful small dogs who love people and running around in the woods with other small dogs. We serve Piedmont and the surrounding Oakland neighborhoods. Please visit our website: www.LPBA.net for more information.

Monday, July 26, 2010


July has been a very busy month for Little Paws' Big Adventures! Karin Cornwall, the owner and usually sole operator had knee surgery. Poppy, who had been boarding for over a month, went home. Zoey Zotigh and her sister Amy Merchant took over walks for the first couple of weeks while Karin recuperated from knee surgery. Last week, Prema Polit started helping Karin with driving and eager dogs on leashes (the kind who might pull Karin off course). This week, we're going back to normal with Karin doing the dog walks on her own, and pet sitting. Prema will continue to help Karin with boarding clients. Big thanks to Zoey, Amy and Prema for helping out in this critical time, keeping everybody hiking and happy!