Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year, New Clients!

Well it has been an exciting year so far, let me just tell you. Little Paws' Big Adventures has three new dogs who've joined us. Maisie, Mochi and Boots walk everyday of the week once per month and I get to hang out with Maisie every Wednesday too! Tomorrow I'll post pics of Mochi and her green cast, and Boots. Maisie is a scamp, or at least that's what her mother says. She's full of energy and the other kids in our groups just love her. Mochi is a sweet tempered loving girl who unfortunately got hit by a car at Pt. Isabel. Never fear, it's a clean break and she'll be right as rain in no time. Boots is an older border-collie. These days he's enjoying his retirement with neighborhood walks and lounging on the deck in the sunshine.

Today Relay, Murphy, Blue, Turnpike, and Maisie walked up the UC Berkeley fire-trail. We like this trail because there are no horses or bicyclists.

And! B5 is back. It's true folks, I do walk a couple of large dogs, only on neighborhood walks, and never with the group. B5 will begin his walks anew in early February. B5 is a total lover. He's an older yellow lab, but with the spirit of a pup. He loves his red frisbee and drinking from the hose.

Ruben continues his twice weekly walks at the Berkeley Aquatic Park. Ruben is becoming more ornery as he gets older, so we walk where there are no other dogs and Ruben can enjoy the sight and smells without the temptation of other dogs around. Ruben is a Pit Bull x Black Lab.

This is starting out as a very prosperous new year and I hope it continues so. Little Paws' Big Adventures has space for two more small dogs to join our afternoon hiking groups. We'd love to meet you. Visit out website at to learn more.