Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday we had 7 small dogs in our midday trail play group. We went to Strawberry Canyon and all the dogs had a great time running around playing chase and fetch and exploring the woods.

Lulu played mostly with Charlie. Poppy engaged everyone at some point, including Parker, who is normally only interested in his pine cone. Charlie got lots of running time in with Poppy, Figaro, Murphy, Turnpike and Lulu. Parker was very friendly and loving today, I think it may have been the pocketful of chicken jerky though :).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday at Redwood Bowl

Hi All! Karin Cornwall finally got some decent footage of everyone on our hike on Wednesday. Lately we've been hiking in Redwood/Robert's park around the Redwood Bowl because there's a bathroom! and a water fountain! and a dog bowl! and no foxtails! and minimal poison oak.

Little Paws' Big Adventures is filling up our groups with wonderful small dogs who love people and running around in the woods with other small dogs. We serve Piedmont and the surrounding Oakland neighborhoods. Please visit our website: www.LPBA.net for more information.