Thursday, July 7, 2011

June Boarding

June saw quite a few boarding clients. We had Grendel over for a few days and he was much better behaved than his first visits with us. Maia came over and made herself right at home. Parker helped us celebrate Pride weekend with a group game of fetch in the backyard. I go to go visit Ms. Calypso, a kitty in love with cat nip. We played with corks on a string. What an ingenious toy!

June at Briones

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings we hike at Briones Park in Lafayette. Lafayette gets really hot in the summertime so we're glad we found this new flat sort-of-shady trail. Any shade at all in Briones is a blessing.

A few days ago we saw this crazy looking caterpillar. My sister, who's a botanist with the Sonoma Ecology Center, thinks it might be endangered. How cool is that?!?

Relay needs more local friends from Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga, please refer your friends with small dogs to Little Paws' Big Adventures. If you have suggestions about where and how to market to this new clientele feel free to let me know.

June at the Bulb

Summer is a great time to walk at the Albany Bulb. With the breeze off the ocean it's a great mix of warm sunny weather and a cool breeze. And lucky for us, the EBRPD has finally mown most of the foxtails down so there's much less likelihood of our little ones getting foxtails up their noses or in their ears.

Here are some great pics from our romps at the Albany Bulb. Figaro is in full form swimming to his ball. Who says dachshund's can't swim?

Everyone gets in on games of fetch and tag.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Doggies Joining Up!

Keep your eyes peeled for new doggies joining our packs in the coming weeks! We're looking forward to getting to know Hank, a Bichon x Terrier, Cosmo, an Italian Greyhound, and a four dog cadre of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

Farewell Ms. Blue

A fond farewell to Ms. Blue, a Shetland Terrier, also known as a Sheltie, who is retiring at 11 years old from hikes this year. Blue has been hiking with me for over 4 years now. She's a complete lover, so intelligent, always up for a hike, absolutely loves loves loves the ocean and fetch. She'll spend her twilight years in Carmel with her dad and her human sisters. She's been having some troubles with her health lately and I keep her welfare in my thoughts.

Blue has been hiking with Little Paws' Big Adventures since I switched my business to all small dogs in 2007. She'll always have a special place in my heart. All my love to her and her family.

Maia Muffin

Maia Muffin (not her real last name) is the sweetest Dachshund that ever roamed G-d's green earth (don't tell Turnpike or Figaro I said so). Maia has been a love from day 1, getting along well with all her pack mates, always up for a romp, a roll around in the grass, and our intrepid shade-finder. She loves babies and men and women and strangers and is always first in line for petting, maybe first in line because Charlie throws himself at strangers with such love and zeal that a line inevitably forms.

Maia's on a break for a while, but she's in my thoughts and welcome back anytime!

Murphy and Eulalie in May

Murphy and Eulalie took so many awesome pictures in May that I just had to share them. Murphy and Eulalie are "siblngs". Eulalie is the newest member of her household. They boarded in my home recently. Boarding is generally a crate-free/cage-free affair. The doggies have the run of the common spaces in my home and sleep in my bed at night. It's quite the furry love-fest. Murphy is a papered Pembroke Corgi. Eulalie is a black and white spotted kissing machine and frequenter of strollers - oh yes!

May at Briones

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning we trek out to Lafayette, CA, 94549!, to walk little dogs, small dogs, hikes on or off leash, yes you guessed it! I'm trying to drum up more business to make Tue/Thurs/Fri mornings a full Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga crew and hang with IG (Italian Greyhound) Relay!

Remember, if you refer new clients to LPBA you receive a credit for 2 free hikes in your next bill. No Limits! Wahoo!

In these pics you'll see Figaro with the Chuck-It. Just because I stop throwing the ball doesn't mean there's nothing to fetch. Oh no, Figaro is even more fetch-crazy than Parker. Who would have thought that someone could compete in the fetch department with old man Parker. Parker is pictured here too. He's our resident "Oakland Brown Dog" breed. Parker is a love and a lap dog. Grendel's in these pictures too. Seeing a lot of Grendel? He hikes everyday! God bless his little doggy soul. Maisie and Mochi also make occasional appearances in these and other hiking groups. And of course, Turnpike, my dachshund x corgi who comes out in nearly every hike.

May at the Beach

Little Paws' Big Adventures owner and operator, Karin Cornwall, here doing some catch up work on the LPBA blog tonight. Here are some images of the "kids" in our groups from May at Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina and the Albany Bulb, next to Golden Gate Fields.

Joining us is the ever-loving pug Fergus and his mom, not pictured. Turnpike is a huge fan of Fergus and perks her ears whenever she hears me talking about him. Along with Turnpike and Fergus, you'll see pictures here of Lulu, Grendel, Charlie and Violet.

Short Term Farewell to Desmond

We're saying a hopefully short-term farewell to Desmond. His folks will have him back to us in a few months. Desmond is a long-haired Chihuahua mix, a total lover and a great friend to his pack-mates!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Poppy's been boarding for the past week or so, coming out on nearly every hike, plus weekend walks and several hours everyday playing with Turnpike on various pieces of furniture around the house. She sleeps in my bed, all snuggled up under the covers. And she constantly wants to be engaged playing with one of the many toys strewn around the house.

Out on this hike she's joined by Figaro, Maia, Turnpike, Charlie, and Desmond. Usually Lulu also comes out with us on this hike, but she's been on spring break and comes back soon.

I got a great shot of Figaro's ears flapping as he runs, and Desmond playing with Maia. Charlie's recovering from some digestive unhappiness, but it doesn't seem to affect his desire to run and play with his pack-mates.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Violet and Friends

So, I spent a good deal of Friday evening talking up Violet as a great dog (Mexican Hairless) for folks who are allergic to dog dander. In point of fact, Violet's dad, I believe, is allergic to dogs. The fact that Violet has no fur and thus is easier to keep clean means that her dad's allergies are easier to keep in check. Here are some pictures of Violet and some of her friends, while boarding, and out on the trails.