Monday, April 28, 2008

This afternoon

Today Bonner, Bandit, Murphy and I went to Pt. Isabel. We met up with many small dogs along our walk and had a great time.

Bonner and Murphy love to chase anyone and everyone around in circles. Bonner is getting much better at paying attention to where I am and coming when called.

Murphy as always is either shmoozing with the other canids or at my heels looking up at me adoringly.

Bandit did alright today. He's better at sticking close and playing well with others at Pt. I than other trails where the visibility is lower, but he's still muzzled, for the safety of more or less everybody, and he's on long lead, for those moments of *temporary deafness*.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alliteration Wednesday!

Today Blue, Bonner and Bandit walked together and let me tell you it was quite a mouthful. I definitely said the wrong name for a dog a couple of times. It is quite a joy to watch Bonner leap through the grass. I'm looking forward to the day when he *knows* me as his pack leader, and always looks to me near me. For the moment, I'm befriending him with the help of sliced chicken :). Blue was playful with Bonner. Bonner was playful with Bandit. Bandit is adjusting to his new muzzle although he's still barking at nearly every dog we meet along the trail. I wish Pt. Isabel wasn't so far away, he does much better there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nearly Full!

Yesterday we had five dogs in our afternoon walking group! We met up with Cici and some Shi Tzus and some little terriers. It was Small Dog-a-palooza at Pt. Isabel.

PJ, an intact male Shi Tzu, is sweet as can be but humps everyone in sight. This can be problematic with many dogs, so I always watch and push him off whenever he starts. You can see in this pic, Cici is starting to curl her lips at him.

Bonner and Murphy gave a rowdy chase to a few small dogs we met along the way. I tried to take pics, but all I got were blurs and grass. Bonner loved Blue! And Blue was very playful today especially when Murphy, Parker, Blue and Bonner started playing fetch. Bonner really doesn't like to be leashed up when it's time to go, and his recall is spotty outside, so he trails a leash at the park.

Parker played fetch and went to love all the men we met at the park. He loves introducing himself to strangers, especially men, for petting, throwing of sticks, and kisses.

It was great to run into so many small dogs at the park! And having a nearly full group was such fun too!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome Bonner!

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures today, but we have a new Sheltie, Bonner. Envision a smaller version of Blue with drop ears. Bonner and Murphy had a great time romping together. Bonner did great on leash and came to me when called. Tomorrow I'm going to try him out on the long line.

Bandit has a new muzzle to prevent him from nipping cyclists. He loves to herd those cyclists. His muzzle is a wire basket muzzle that blends in well with his coat, so that it's almost unnoticeable. He's able to drink water, pant and take treats with his new muzzle on. He's much calmer, doesn't pull on the leash and sticks close to me when it's on which is great!

Murphy is my dreamboat as usual. Other than barking at horses, Murphy really is the perfect dog. He makes friends with everybody we meet on the trail, has a sunny disposition and is all around the greatest guy I've ever met! His moms are so lucky!

Friday, April 18, 2008


It was another gorgeous day at Redwood Park. PJ is doing much better at staying with the group, although he is still unmotivated by treats, even in the form of sliced chicken. Blue on the other hand was happy to do tricks to earn chicken and Nature's Balance treats. Blue is notorious for not taking treats, so maybe PJ just needs time to get accustomed to the the whole walks and treats thing. In the meantime his reward for coming is a belly rub. Parker found himself a ball today, so we had lots of fun playing with an object that bounces well and throws much father than a pine cone. In this warm weather, we are sure to take lots of water breaks and hang out int he shade from time to time. Sometimes we also go to Leona, where there's a creek alongside the path that the dogs can cool off in.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Blue has added another day to her walking schedule and joined Murphy and Bandit on their regular Dunn Trail walk. Blue is also in love with Murphy. Who wouldn't be? Murphy's a love. We met two other corgi's on the trail today as well as two boston terriers and a mini-poodle. Small dog love on Dunn Trail!

We still have room for three more dogs in our afternoon small dog walking and hiking groups. We walk Monday through Friday. Dogs are out of the house from approx. 1pm - 5pm. Check out the website for areas served and more info regarding our services.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Perfect Day

Wow, yesterday really felt like a perfect day. We had PJ the Shih Tzu join our regular tue/thur walking group up at Redwood Park. We had so much fun! PJ is such a lively little fellow. He was off leash for the whole walk this time. He definitely marks, and does his own thing a lot, but he comes happily when called and is really starting to get used to our groups.
Parker played fetch with his pine cone as always. He's a bit overweight, so his dad has him on a diet, and he's getting rewarded for good behavior with more games of fetch, instead of treats.
Blue loved! PJ. She ran around in circles and play bowed to him for fifteen minutes straight. I think she's in love.
We had cyclists, who were whizzing past us, and joggers on the trail today, and PJ was uninterested in either. Yay for dogs whose focus is me and the bushes!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome PJ!

yay! PJ the Shih Tzu has joined our group walks. His first walk today with Bandit was great! The two of them got along famously. They were both on leash as PJ is still getting accustomed to walking with a new person, and of course Bandit has some attention issues :). I'm so happy to have PJ with us. We have room for three more dogs every day in our afternoon group. For details about our groups please visit the main website:

Monday, April 7, 2008

On the trail again...

Bandit and Murphy smell something in the plants that will one day produce untold numbers of stickerburs which I will pull out of their fur. For the meantime however, the caterpillars are still out in full force, eating everything in sight and being stepped on by unwitting passersby.

On friday I took bandit to Pt. Isabel where he got to run around relatively unhindered dragging a 20' long lead. One of the great things about Pt. I is that there isn't really anywhere for Bandit to run away to. And I think because there are wide vistas, he feels less insecure, thus there is less barking and more happiness from him. Friday we have a new small dog joining us. Look forward to pics of PJ, the shih tzu!