Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Wow! Gracie wagged her tail and did a play bow when I greeted her at her back door today. I'm really excited about the improvement in her spirits. We went on a bit of a longer walk today. And also in amazing news, Blue played tag with me today. I'm very excited to experiment to see if she'll always liven up if I produce the same behaviour. It's such a joy to see her lively and trotting along. Parker was all consumed with his pine cone as usual.


Blue in action eating grass! and parker smiles and wags his tail in anticipation of me throwing the beloved pine cone.


Bandit is on long lead at Redwood regional park.


Pace, Parker, Blue and I went to Pt Isabel today. Pace had fun running around with Glen, a small dog who looked like pace's twin. Parker played fetch as usual and of course, blue ate grass and tagged along behind us.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This afternoon

Today we had a very special treat, no I don't mean the new liver treats, which by the by the kids loved. Pace!!! joined us on the trail today. Pace is one of my all time favorite dogs. An aspiring opera singer with a touch of separation anxiety, Pace is the one dog who can really get me running, with joy, all over the place. He loves to be chased and he has this great spring in his step. Parker, as ever, was pine cone obsessed and is starting to show some clear signs of resource guarding when it comes to his pine cone. This is difficult to stem as I can put away his current pine cone, but then he just finds another. I'll have to consult with Positive reinforcement dog trainer JJ North about what techniques to use to stem this behaviour. Blue is great as usual. I think the cold is nice for her as she has such a thick coat.