Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to Work!

Little Paws' Big Adventures business owner Karin Cornwall is back to work carrying her new daughter. She's pictured here with Relay out at Briones park. Karin is very sad to have lost her sweet dachshund sidekick, Turnpike, who suddenly and unexpectedly died of a spontaneous back injury just before her fourth birthday. Turnpike is pictured here with her buddy Blue at the Albany Bulb.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today was just lovely at Sibley Volcanic Preserve. it's been sunny and warm lately so the trails have dried out quite a lot and we were able to take my favorite shady trail at the park. I, Karin, hiked with Eric, Mocha, Parker, Moose, Lulu, Cosmo, Figaro and Turnpike. The kids ran and played so much in the shade. Lulu was especially happy to not be wearing a sweater that she got lots of exercise running and playing with her packmates!


Yesterday Turnpike, Relay and Karin walked at the bike path in Lafayette. It was a warm spring day so we stopped often for water breaks. Here the "kids" are waiting somewhat patiently for their cookie.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Yesterday we managed to avoid the rain and hail. Karin took Turnpike and Relay up to Briones to hike. We saw some cows, which always gives the dachshunds a thrill. The day was quite mild which was nice. Turnpike and Karin are looking forward to Figaro coming to stay with us for a week the week after next. We're hoping to get out to the beach if the weather stays nice. Look forward to dachshunds at the beach!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday Karin Cornwall and Eric Schwartz hiked with pups: Mocha, Turnpike, Parker, Moose, Lulu and Moose at Sibley Volcanic Preserve. Karin taught Eric to mark times when each dog was looking at him to further ensure that the pack thinks of him as their center of orbit.


Monday at Briones Eric Schwartz and Karin Cornwall hiked Lulu, Turnpike, Mocha, Cosmo and Figaro. It was a warmer day than expected so Karin advised Eric to take Cosmo and Lulu's sweater's off midway through the hike and give them lots of opportunities to drink water.


We had a veritable small dog party on the trail last Friday. Too bad Figgy wasn't there! We met up with two mom's of two mall dogs each. One of them was a husky x pug!!!!! All of the kids loved meeting one another, getting tons of loving from all the new people and playing on the grassy hillsides in Briones Park. Karin Cornwall took out Turnpike, Lulu and Relay.